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Out of this World - Madison Blakely

Out of this World

Madison Blakely


For my project, I chose to do a scene from space because, I am interested in learning more about space in science class this yeaer.  I used a program called Paint.  First I started by turning the background solid black.  Then I added basic shapes like, circles for the moon and Earth.  Next, I decided on what colors to use for each of the shapes.  I used green to represent the land on Earth and blue to stand for the water.  I took different shades of green and blue to show different depths and heights of both land and water.  Then, I focused on the moon.  I know that the moon has different craters so, I used shades of grey to create the moon.  Next, I worked on the sun.  For the sun, I used the spray paint tool to make it look different shades of yellow and orange and blend them together.  Finally, I decided to add in a rocketship to represent the USA.  I added a red top and red fins at the bottom of the rocketship to make it look more realistic.  I also chose to add flames that were red and orange and streams of smoke coming from the flames to show that the rocketship is moving.  From the rocketship, I made an astronaut floating in space.  I chose to make him bigger so he would look like he was closer to the front of the picture I made.  Last, I used the star tool to make a few stars in the black background along with the spray paint tool to make some that would be farther away.  During the process of this, I had to zoom in and out to get smaller details where they should be.  

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