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CIS District Wide Programs


CIS District Wide Programs
Kentucky JAG Program

JAG KY is a new program for CIS. It is an
affiliate of Jobs for America's Graduates
(JAG),, a national non-profit
organization dedicated to reconnecting
students academically by helping them
overcome barriers to graduation and
helping them transition into postsecondary
education, the workforce or the military
after graduation.
JAG's competency-based curriculum
educates students in areas of career
development, job attainment and retention,
leadership, financial literacy and
numerous other life skills, all of which
enhance a student’s employability and
likelihood of success upon graduation.

Jr. and Sr. Beta Club

ACHIEVEMENT - Recognizing and honoring high
academic achievement
CHARACTER - Preparing young people for life
and empowering them to be successful
LEADERSHIP - Developing the leaders of
SERVICE - Demonstrating our motto: Let Us
Lead by Serving Others

Becoming University

Becoming University is a new program designed
for our young ladies at Caverna Middle School.
This is a leadership program focusing on topics
such as leadership, personal development, goal
setting, self-esteem, friendship/relationship
building and much more!
The mentors that work with our students
personally developed this program and designed
all the student workbook lessons.
This program makes such a positive impact on the
girls and fosters their ability to see greatness
within themselves.


Gifted and Talented

The Caverna Independent School District formally
identifies students in grades 4-12 for participation in
the District's Gifted and Talented Program. Students
in the primary program who display gifted or
talented characteristics shall be selected through
an informal process, be placed in a talent pool, and
receive services that allow continuous progress.

Additional Enrichment Opportunities:
CIS coordinates with Western Kentucky University to
allow our students to participate in camps and
activities for Gifted Students. They are afforded the
chance to work with Gifted students from all over
the country!
Camps and activities include:
Super Saturdays
Camp Innovate
Camp Discover
Gifted and Talented

Educational Talent Search

This program identifies and assists individuals who have the potential
to succeed in higher education. The program provides academic,
career, and financial counseling to its participants, and encourages
them to graduate from high school and continue on to the
postsecondary institution of their choice. ETS is one of eight Federal
TRiO Programs funded by the US Department of Education. Some ETS
Programs serve high school dropouts by encouraging them to reenter
the education system and complete their education. The goal of Talent
Search is to increase the number of youths who complete high school
and enroll in postsecondary education institutions of their choice.

Key Club/Leo Club

Since the beginning in 1925,
Key Club International has
supported the transformation
of high school students as they
graduate and become the
world's next class of leaders.
Club is a student-led, high
school organization. Our
members make the world a
better place through service.
In doing so, we grow as
individuals and as leaders by
answering the call to lead,
summoning the courage to
engage and developing the
heart to serve.

“Leadership, Experience,
Opportunity.” That’s what
makes a Leo. Members of Leo
clubs embody the best
qualities of our incredible
organization. They are devoted
young people who realize the
power of action. Together, Leos
and Lions form a powerful
partnership — one of mutual
respect where Lions learn from
the innovative insights of Leos,
and where Leos gain access to
the proven strategies of those
who’ve successfully served the
world for decades.


Young Woman Lead & Boys To Men

These 2 programs are support, leadership, &
development programs that are offered to
our young women at CHS and boys at CES.
Each group completes service projects, helps
mentor younger colonels in their schools,
attends and speak at special
events/conferences, and more.

Student Technology Leadership Program

Our district also offers a student leadership technology
program to students at all 3 levels (Elementary, Middle,
and High school). Our award winning Caverna STLP
program competes at local and state competitions. This is
the perfect program for our innovative students who enjoy
technology, creating, designing, engineering, filming, etc.

Visual & Performing Arts

Caverna Independent offers
several opportunities for students
in the visual and performing arts.
Opportunities include, but are not
limited to:
Beginning Art Classes
Advanced Art Classes
Concert Band
Jazz Band
Marching Band 
Color Guard