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Caverna School District

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Letter To Our Communities, Students, & Families

Dear Caverna Partners,
We are doing BIG things in Caverna Schools! We are so proud of our
accomplishments, awards, and progress in the past few years. Caverna is a small
district which is a great strength. We know our kids on an individual level, and we
are like family. We love, respect, and honor each other. Being small means we get to
spend more individual time helping students reach their goals and really know our
families on a personal level. Our kids know they matter. They are important and
don’t get lost in a big school setting. We love our students unconditionally and
embrace our diversity. Our teachers are passionate and build strong relationships
to inspire, nurture, and empower our students.
Our kids are amazing! They have big hearts, and they are very accepting of each
other. Our kids are strong, smart, and have grit. We are working to help each
student find a passion and inner talent, so we can help put that student on a
trajectory for success in life. We want our kids to not just have a job after high
school. We want them to have a passion and a purpose. We want them to live
fulfilled lives and contribute to their communities.
Here at Caverna, we are setting kids up for success by providing opportunities for
enrichment and leadership. We are focused on building competencies that will make
our students stand out no matter what career field they enter. We are growing
students that can communicate and collaborate with others. We embrace creativity
and innovation, and we help students excel in civic engagement.
We are small, and we are mighty!
We have amazing kids doing amazing things!

Amanda Abell
Superintendent, Caverna Independent